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Hat 6 Pack Must Use Coupon Code 6PACKHAT

Hat 6 Pack Must Use Coupon Code 6PACKHAT

Select your hat, color, design, thread, and add a name. Prices as low as $19.25 per hat.


You MUST apply the coupon code 6PACKHAT when in your cart to get the correct discount.


Please use the follwing instructions to properly order your 6 pack of hats.

1. If you would like a name on your hats, enter it in the box to the right that reads Add A Name.

2. Select your font placement and style.

3. Add this product to your cart.

4. Go to the Hats page and select the hat that you want.

5. Add that hat to the cart.

6. Enter the coupon code 6PACKHAT while in your cart. Your total should now be $115.50.

7. Click checkout and pay for your new 6 pack of hats.



Product Sku: RP6PCHT


-Quantity of 1 when ordering means you will receive 6 of the same hats

-No additional charge to add a name
-Fish of your choice embroidered on the center front
-REELPSYCHOS.COM embroidered on the side of the hat

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